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USA - Ofre for Katrina kræver hjælp, støtte og retfærdighed!

Protest demands justice for hurricane victims, not repression

Monica Moorehead, 3. september 2005

Ofre for orkanen Katrinas hærgen kræver hurtig nødhjælps-indsats og en retfærdig behandling, efter at det er blevet stadig tydeligere, at den hidtidige nødhjælpsindsats har været aldeles utilstrækkelig, og at adskillige tusinde formodes at have mistet livet.

Relief for hurricane victims, not war’ and “Food and housing, NOT bullets, for New Orleans’ were some of the slogans raised at an emergency demonstration here tonight. It was called on one day's notice by the Troops Out Now Coalition in response to the catastrophic events in New Orleans and the delta region in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Roseanne Adderley, a faculty member at Tulane Univ. in New Orleans, speaks at Times Square rally - ©  WW: Deirdre Griswold
Anti-war and community activists, trade unionists and concerned people of all nationalities participated in the protest in front of the military recruitment center at Times Square during rush hour. The protest coincided with the arrival of thousands of National Guard troops in New Orleans, sent to restore “law and order’ after days of death and suffering.

President George W. Bush arrived today in Biloxi, Miss., to pay a “visit’ to some of the victims of the hurricane there. It was more than coincidence that as Bush was carrying out his photo-op, food supplies were finally being delivered to the thousands of victims who had been languishing outside the leaking Superdome in New Orleans, five days after the hurricane hit. People have been literally starving and going without water. Thousands are believed to have died, although the government is not giving out casualty figures.

Times Square, NYC, Sept. 2. - ©  WW: Deirdre Griswold
Just as the troops arrived, mainly white and armed to the teeth with automatic rifles, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco made this horrific statement to the press: "I have one message for these hoodlums. These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so if necessary."

The “hoodlums’ she was referring to are the thousands of hungry, homeless poor people, overwhelmingly Black, who were abandoned by government agencies on all levels before and after the devastation caused by the hurricane.

Speaker after speaker at Times Square characterized the inhumane treatment of the people left to die in New Orleans as “criminal,’ “genocidal’ and “racist.’ Speakers also denounced the oil corporations and the super-rich as the real looters in society, not the most oppressed, who have been forced to liberate the necessities of life from locked-up stores in order to survive unimaginable conditions.

The rally charged that the hundreds of billions of dollars spent for war and occupation in Iraq should have been spent on strengthening the deteriorating infrastructure in urban areas like New Orleans, as well as for other human needs. Meanwhile, on a giant screen at the military recruiting center behind them, images were being flashed that glorified warfare and U.S. military strength.

A national day of solidarity with the hurricane victims has been called for Sept. 12. Initiating endorsers include the Million Worker March Movement; Troops Out Now Coalition; Harlem Tenants Council; Chris Silvera, president of the Teamsters National Black Caucus, and local leaders and activists from around the country.

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Opdateret d. 3.10.2005