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Nepal - "gamle" nyheder & info:   Marts 2004

War literature seized from Maoist hideout, i "New Kerala", 31.mar2004

UN rights chief hails govt's pledge for HR laws, i "UN-News", 31.mar.2004

Maoists using Indian territory, 31.mar.2004

Arsenic free water a distant dream for villagers, i "Kantipur online", 31.mar.2004

Prachanda deplores Vaidya's arrest, i "The Himalayan Times", 31.mar.2004

Govt vows to protect Rizal, i "The Himalayan Times", 31.mar.2004

Airlinks to promote Nepal-China tourism, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np" 31.mar.2004

Media's role in democracy; journos honoured, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 31.mar.2004

Unpopular monarch faces uncertain future, i "Reuters", 31.mar.2004

Maoist leader Baidhya arrested in India, i "The Statesman", 31.mar.2004

Bhutanese leader Rizal goes fast-unto-death, i "The Hindu", 30.mar.2004

Bhutan dissident's hunger strike, i "BBC", 30.mar.2004

FNJ concerned over editorial freedom, i "Kantipur online", 30.mar.2004

8,000 TU staffers get clean chit, i "The Himalayan Ti,es", 30.mar.2004

GDP to grow by 4.6%: Lohani, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 30.mar.2004

Two Nepalese Maoists arrested in India, i "BBC", 30.mar.2004

Medical clinics in Himalayas, i "IndiaExpress.com", 30.mar.2004

NC wants India's help for talks with Maoist, i "New Kerala", 30.mar.2004

EU urges Nepal to negotiate solution to conflict, i "New Kerala", 30.mar.2004

Two bombs explode in Ministry of Defence office, i "PTInews.com", 29.mar.2004

One dead, 12 wounded in landmine near Jugedi, i "New Kerala", 29.mar.2004

Maoist violence threatens poll plans, i "New Kerala", 29.mar.2004

11 soldiers hurt near Pokhara in ambush, DT, March 29/04, i "Daily Times (Pakistan)", 29.mar.2004

New Zealand issues Nepal travel warning, i "onenews.nzoom.com (NZ)", 29.mar.2004

King's assurances on polls unrealistic: parties, i "PTInews", 29.mar.2004

2004: Certainly a far cry from 1950, i "Kantipur online", 29.mar.2004

Leaders hail royal address as contextual, positive, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 29.mar.2004

Girl traffickers find new fertile ground in Rukum, Rolpa, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 29.mar.2004

People war of Maos inheriting in Nepal, i "Deutsche Welle", 29.mar.2004

Skies open up over the sub-continent, i "thehindubusinessline.com", 29.mar.2004

Agitators not impressed with King's speech, i "The Himalayan Times", 28.mar.2004

No threats to deter people, says Thapa, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 28.mar.2004

Germans stand by Nepal Maoist, i "The Statesman", 28.mar.2004

Maoists ambush vehicle with SLC papers, i "The Himalayan Times", 28.mar.2004

Elections to be held by 2005, king says, i "ABC.net", 28.mar.2004

King in Pokhara, aims for elections next year, i "Reuters", 28.mar.2004

German org demands Maoist leader's release, i "Yahoo/India", 27.mar.2004

Trekkers `won't be mugged twice', i "DailyRecord (UK)", 27.mar.2004

Maoists' receipt to avoid bushwhack, i "Daily Record (UK)", 27.mar.2004

Security forces kill 3 Maoist rebels in Dhading, i "Hindustan Times", 27.mar.2004

Rizal clarifies on hunger strike move, i "The Himalayan Times", 27.mar.2004

Parties pledge to l be guided by people, i "Kantipur online", 27.mar.2004

Nepal doesn't need UN mediation: Thapa, i "The Himalayan Times", 27.mar.2004

Royal visit to Western Development Region, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 27.mar.2004

Release Gajurel, plead lawyers, i "Central Chronicle", 27.mar.2004

Nepal human rights: India and US on one side, EU on another, i "Indian Express", 26.mar.2004

Stench of death overpowering in Myagdi, i "Nepali Times", 26.mar.2004

Maoist violence threatens poll plans, i "OneWorld", 26.mar.2004

PM pledge on rights abuses, i "BBC", 26.mar.2004

Prachanda hails Annan appeal, i "Kantipur online", 26.mar.2004

Kofi's offer, i "NepalNews.com", 26.mar.2004

SAARC tourism meet to take up `one visa' issue, i "TheHinduBusinessLine.com", 26.mar.2004

And now, a 'Salaam Bombay' from Nepal, i "KeralaNext", 26.mar.2004

Amnesty concered detained may face torture, i "Amnesty International", 25.mar.2004

12 die in attacks, i "The Australian", 26.mar.2004

India's thirst leaves neighbors gulping, i "atimes.com", 26.mar.2004

Nepal in worst of four worlds, i "TheAge (AU)", 26.mar.2004

Indians may require 'documents' to visit Nepal, i "Times of India", 26.mar.2004

Nepal to become 147th WTO member, i "Toronto Star (CA)", 25.mar.2004

Car bomb kills two in Birguj area, i "Hindustan Times", 25.mar.2004

Brutal revolt bleeds Nepal, i "SwissInfo.org", 25.mar.2004

Aerial bombing of Maoist hideouts continue, i "Kantipur online", 25.mar.2004

SLC exam starts, question papers sent to west region, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 25.mar.2004

Nepal-India bus service Linked by 5 Borders, i "TravelVideo.tv", 25.mar.2004

Qinghai-Lhasa railway to enrich China-Nepal trade, i "People's Review", 25.mar.2004

Nepal to enter World Trade Organisation on April 23, i "Hindustan Times", 25.mar.2004

Maoists want to swap top leaders for hostages, i "New Kerala", 23.mar.2004

Tibet launches first trains, i "Xinhua", 24.mar.2004

50 killed in copter raid on Maoists, i "Outlook", 24.mar.2004

UN Secy-Gen appeals for immediate end to fighting, i "Kantipur online", 24.mar.2004

US asks Maoists to resume talks, i "The Himalayan Times", 24.mar.2004

Internally displaced by war, but forgotten, i "Reuters", 24.mar.2004

Amnesty calls for release of hostages, i "Amnesty International", 24.mar.2004

Meritworthy: Nepal's viable alternative, i "The Statesman", 24.mar.2004

Rebels offer prisoner exchange, i "Japan Today", 24.mar.2004

Kofi Annan calls for cease-fire in Nepal, i "Xinhua", 23.mar.2004

Rebels ready to release 36 forces for 3 jailed, i "BBC", 23.mar.2004

British journalist visits Beni after Brutan attacks, i "The Telegraph (UK)", 23.mar.2004

Explosion at Municipal corp building in KTM, i "Kaumudi.com", 23.mar.2004

Suspected rebels injure 3, take dozens of hostages, i "Voice of America", 23.mar.2004

Govt to press ahead with elections despite attacks, i "AFP", 23.mar.2004

Widows still face hardship and torment in society, i "Kantipur online", 23.mar.2004

Over 50 Maoists killed in air raid in Baglung, i "The Himalayan Times", 23.mar.2004

Royal civic reception in Pokhara to be historic, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 23.mar.2004

Maoist attack remotes dialogue, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 23.mar.2004

Sikkim hosts world health show, i "Times of India", 23.mar.2004

Two explosions rock Kathmandu, i "The Hindu", 23.mar.2004

'Mother India' in Nepalese - with Manisha Koirala?, i "Yahoo/India", 23.mar.2004

SAARC Chamber upbeat on single currency by 2016, i "Bangladesh-Web.com", 23.mar.2004

U.N. appeals to Nepal, rebels to talk, i "Washington Times (USA)", 22.mar.2004

Nepali Maoist posters sprout in Mumbai, police worried, i "Telegraph (India)", 22.mar.2004

Amnesty concerned about whereabouts of 3 individuals, i "Amnesty International", 22.mar.2004

Maoists rebels undaunted, i "NZ Herald (NZ)", 23.mar.2004

Govt confirms fighting leaves '130 dead', i "BBC", 22.mar.2004

A Failing State, i "Time Magazine", 22.mar.2004

Prachanda vows continued attacks on govt forces, i "Voice of America", 22.mar.2004

South Asian initiative for uniform food standards, i "OneWorld, South Asia", 22.mar.2004

Troops dig up bodies, rebels vow new attacks, i "Utusan.com", 22.mar.2004

Over 500 guerrillas killed in western Nepal, i "People's Daily (China)", 22.mar.2004

Nepal-China border meeting to be held in Beijing, i "Xinhua", 22.mar.2004

Rebels vow more raids after deadly clash, i "Reuters", 22.mar.2004

Another strike call cripples life, i "webindia123.com", 22.mar.2004

Call to end caste-based discrimination, i "Kantipur online", 22.mar.2004

40 of our men killed: Prachanda, i "Kantipur online", 22.mar.2004

Polls on despite Beni clash: Government, i "The Himalayan Times", 22.mar.2004

Indian Corp in race for Birgunj dry port contract, i "Reuters", 22.mar.2004

Maoists promise more bloodshed, i "Washington Times (USA", 22.mar.2004

Five killed by man-eating tiger in Chitwan, i "The Hindu", 22.mar.2004

Army claims as many as 500 lives of Maoists, i "The Australian", 22.mar.2004

Army says troops kill hundreds of rebels, i "ABC.net", 22.mar.2004

Gov't forces, rebels clash in Nepal, i "Japan Today", 22.mar.2004

Unrest in Beni kills as many as 500 rebels, i "USA Today", 21.mar.2004

Army battles rebels in west Nepal, i "Washington Times", 21.mar.2004

Maoists bomb airport tower in Chitwan, Nepal, i "Luchtzak.be", 21.mar.2004

Nepal's chequered political history chronicled, i "Reuters", 21.mar.2004

Renowned educationist Dr Trailokya Upreti dead, i "Kantipur online", 21.mar.2004

Conflicting claims after Maoists' Beni blitz, i "The Himalayan Times", 21.mar.2004

Communist rebels attack Nepalese army barracks, i "CNN", 21.mar.2004

Guerrillas attack district headquarters, i "Xinhua", 21.mar.2004

Deadly battle rages in west Nepal, i "BBC", 21.mar.2004

500 rebels, 18 security men killed, i "GEO.tv", 21.mar.2004

28 dead as Maoists storm town, bomb airport, i "AFP", 21.mar.2004

Poverty reduction in South Asia, i "The Daily Star", 20.mar.2004

Insurgency drives scribes from homes, i "NavHindTimes.com", 21.mar.2004

Twelve killed as Nepal Maoists strike, i "Hindustan Times", 20.mar.2004

Blasts rock Valley suburbs, i "The Himalayan Times", 20.mar.2004

Maoist commander killed in east Nepal, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 20.mar.2004

Tharu father sells daughter for Rs 200, i "The Hindu", 20.mar.2004

12 die as Nepal Maoists strike, i "GEO.tv", 19.mar.2004

7 Maoist rebels shot dead in Dhading, i "CNN", 19.mar.2004

Maoists bomb ex-minister's residence, i "Hindustan Times", 19.mar.2004

Maoists offer to hold peace talks, i "Times of India", 19.mar.2004

New hope for widows of mid-western Nepal, i "Kantipur online", 19.mar.2004

EC offices in 75 dists soon, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 19.mar.2004

Kathmandu-Dhaka bus service soon, i "People's Review", 18.mar.2004

Upadhyay explores universal in debut novel, i "Ascribe.org", 18.mar.2004

Insurgency drives journalists from homes, i "OneWorld, South Asia", 18.mar.2004

Everest Base Camp Clinic takes to the air, i "MountEverest.net", 17.mar.2004

King buys luxury cars from election budget, i "Japan Today", 18.mar.2004

Nepal's donors complain of rebel extortion, i "Japan Today", 18.mar.2004

Aid agencies warn rebels, i "BBC", 17.mar.2004

Donors say face extortion threats from rebels, i "Reuters", 17.mar.2004

Nepal to benefit from $18 mil US grant on livestock, i "UCnewswire.org", 17.mar.2004

UN, foreign donors threaten to pull out of Nepal, i "KhaleejTimes.com", 17.mar.2004

Prachanda ready for UN mediation, i "The Himalayan Times", 17.mar.2004

At least 12 killed in ambush in far west, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 17.mar.2004

Landmine blast kills 10 in Western Nepal, i "Washington Times", 16.mar.2004

UN concern over Nepal's treatment of Tibet refugees, i "SaveTibet.org", 16.mar.2004

11 die as landmine explodes beneath car, i "Utusan.com", 16.mar.2004

Drug trade flourishes in shadow of insurgency, i "OneWorld, South Asia", 16.mar.2004

Nearly 100 injured in Nepal bus accident, i "Japan Today", 15.mar.2004

Almost too late to salvage the national reputation, i "Nepali Times", 15.mar.2004

Water management workshop kicks off, i "Kantipur online", 15.mar.2004

Koirala decries ‘foreign meddling', i "The Himalayan Times", 15.mar.2004

Rautes against jungle encroachment, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 15.mar.2004

50 people injured in bus accident in Kavre, i "Xinhua", 14.mar.2004

Maoists blow up government office in Pokhara, i "NepalNews.com", 14.mar.2004

‘Press going to foreign hands': FNJ President, i "Kantipur online", 14.mar.2004

Chinese concerns over dismal situation in Nepal, i "Kantipur online", 14.mar.2004

36 more abducted, 2 killed, i "The Himalayan Times", 14.mar.2004

NC, NC-D merger talks take positive turn: Dahal, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 14.mar.2004

Bhaktapur begins FM service, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 14.mar.2004

UML asks govt-nominated local officials to resign, i "The Himalayan Times", 14.mar.2004

Govt heading towards elections, says PM, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 13.mar.2004

Tibetan farmers visiting Nepal for sightseeing, i "Xinhua", 13.mar.2004

Nepal shaken by series of rebel shutdowns, i "Reuters", 12.mar.2004

U.N. agencies say face extortion threat in Nepal, i "Reuters", 12.mar.2004

Thousands protest king to mount pressure, i "BBC", 12.mar.2004

Experts slam SC ruling on citizenship issue, i "The Himalayan Times", 12.mar.2004

Who knew Bhojpur, and when did they know it?, i "Nepali Times", 12.mar.2004

Two soldiers jailed for committing excesses, i "BBC", 11.mar.2004

Strikes bleed Nepal's tourist industry, i "EastDay.com", 11.mar.2004

Four troops dead in landmine blast in Kaski, i "Jang.com (PK)", 11.mar.2004

UN strikes first blow against 'bandhs' in Nepal, i "New Kerala", 11.mar.2004

World Bank moves to assist Nepal's banking sector, i "ABCnet (AU)", 11.mar.2004

Nepal to redraft women-discriminating laws, i "Times of India", 10.mar.2004

Tibetans in Nepal defy ban and pray, i "ABCnet (AU)", 10.mar.2004

World Bank helps Nepal's financial sector reform, i "Xinhua", 10.mar.2004

Seven soldiers, police killed in Maoist attacks, i "HiPakistan.com", 10.mar.2004

Nepal gets $75.5 mn credit from World Bank, i "Yahoo/India", 10.mar.2004

Nepal plans direct bus service to Bangladesh, Tibet, i "New Kerala", 09.mar.2004

Amnesty seeks safety of captured sec forces, i "Amnasty International", 09.mar.2004

Influenza epidemic claims 16 lives in Mugu, i "webindia123.com", 09.mar.2004

UN human rights experts alarmed Nepal situation, i "UNnews", 09.mar.2004

Kathmandu shutdown after bus blast, i "webindia123.com", 08.mar.2004

3 Indians arrested for trafficking, poaching in Nepal, i "webindia123.com", 08.mar.2004

Pro-Maoist women's protest paralyzes business, i "International Herald Tribune", 08.mar.2004

Community forests allocate funds for poor in Ilam, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 08.mar.2004

Schools becoming battlefields, kids taught to fight, i "Mepali Times", 08.mar.2004

'Love In Nepal' too frothy to be fun, i "KeralaNext", 08.mar.2004

Much of Nepal shut by fifth strike in a month, i "Reuters", 08.mar.2004

Done Everest. What's next, Edwin? Do it again, i "Strait Times (Singapore)", 08.mar.2004

Nepal & Bush Admn: Into thin air, i "Kashmir Telegraph", 08.mar.2004

Nepal's Indian heroine on her way to Pakistan, i "NewIndPress.com", 08.mar.2004

Sister Nirmala visits her birth place after 57 years, i "AsiaNews.it", 07.mar.2004

Economy progresses but will miss growth target, i "Nepali Times", 07.mar.2004

Thapa tells AFP he's committed to 'free, fair' polls, i "ChannelNewsAsia", 07.mar.2004

Maoists set off bombs prior to general strike, i "ChannelNewsAsia", 07.mar.2004

Holi marked as token of love, friendship, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 07.mar.2004

Govt committed to restore destroyed infrastructure, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 07.mar.2004

UML ousts Radha Krishna Mainali, i "The Himalayan Times", 07.mar.2004

Woman empowerment still takes back seat, i "Kantipur online", 07.mar.2004

3 wounded in Kathmandu bomb blast, i "Xinhua", 07.mar.2004

Maoists urge united front to topple monarchy, i "Daily Times (Pakistan)", 07.mar.2004

Rizal to sit for hunger strike, i "People's Review", 07.mar.2004

Two killed, four injured in Banke explosion, i "Hindustan Times", 06.mar.2004

2,600 at Gurkha gathering in Pokhara, i "Femail.co.uk", 06.mar.2004

Koirala for meeting bete noire Deuba, i "The Himalayan Times", 06.mar.2004

Toll in eastern Nepal clashes rises to at least 91, i "ChannelNewsAsia", 05.mar.2004

Thousands protest against King Gyanendra, i "AJC.com", 05.mar.2004

Maoists bomb local office, free abducted students, i "Hindustan Times", 05.mar.2004

Govt bans strike in essential service sectors, i "Khaleej Times", 05.mar.2004

Blast rocks Thamel guest house, injures people, i "NpalNews.com", 05.mar.2004

Prachanda calls for a republic, 3-day bandh, i "The Himalayan Times", 05.mar.2004

Govt effortful for polls to resolve crisis: PM, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 05.mar.2004

PM says recent attacks normal during insurgency, i "Kantipur online", 05.mar.2004

Communists still worst persecutors, i "Washington Times", 05.mar.2004

U.S. needs to make nation-building a priority, i "International Herald Tribune", 05.mar.2004

Property rights remain elusive for Women, i "OneWorld, South Asia", 05.mar.2004

Strike shuts down Nepal capital, i "Japan Today", 04.mar.2004

Security push after Bhojpur attack, i "BBC", 04.mar.2004

Biggest attack since peace talks in August kills 49, i "Straight Times (Singapore)", 04.mar.2004

Strike shuts down Nepal capital, i "Japan Today", 04.mar.2004

Security push after Bhojpur attack, i "BBC", 04.mar.2004

War Without Ends in Nepal, i "World Press Review", 04.mar.2004

Biggest attack since peace talks in August kills 49, i "Straight Times (Singapore)", 04.mar.2004

A sailor's journey to the top of the world, i "Canoe (Canada)", 03.mar.2004

Rupa Rai spreads word on trafficking in Australia, i "YourGuide.com (AU)", 03.mar.2004

War Without Ends, i "World Press REview", 04.mar.2004

rebels take telecoms centre in eastern Nepal, i "AlJazeera.net", 03.mar.2004

Bhek Bahadur Thapa appointed new foreign minister, i "Hindustan Times", 03.mar.2004

Two Britons feared kidnapped in Baglung, i "ITV.com", 03.mar.2004

30 killed in Bhojpur guerilla attacks, i "Matamat.com", 03.mar.2004

King issues 10-point directives to Government, i "Times of Tibet", 02.mar.2004

Three wounded in bomb blast in Kathmandu, i "Reuters", 02.mar.2004

Seventy-four Maoists surrender in mid-west, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 02.mar.2004

Shanghai meet in April on Asian Highway project, i "NavHindTimes.com", 03.mar.2004

Tourist arrivals in February 2004 by air up 44 percent, i "NepalNews.com", 02.mar.2004

Maoists plan 15-day siege from March 8, i "The Himalayan Times", 02.mar.2004

US officials, RNA hold talks in Nepalgunj, i "Kantipur online", 02.mar.2004

Maoists continue Nepal bombing, i "AlJazeera.net", 02.mar.2004

Limbus' Tongba makes contribution to human culture, i "Time Magazine", 01.mar.2004

Nepal presents vision on millennium development, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 01.mar.2004

King's directives on mid-west uplift, i "The Himalayan Times", 01.mar.2004

UNDP to locate Asian headquarters in Kathmandu, i "Xinhua", 01.mar.2004

Police investigate kidnapping of ex royal advisor, i "ABC.net (AU)", 01.mar.2004

8 rebels, one soldier killed in Rupandehi, Kapilabastu, i "ArabTimesonline.com", 01.mar.2004

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