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Nepal - "gamle" nyheder & info:   Februar 2004

Maoists abduct Raj Parishad member, i "The Himalayan Times", 29.feb.2004

Nepali transporters see red over bus pact with India, i "Times of India", 29.feb.2004

Maoists call off strike in Nepal, i "Jang.com (PK)", 28.feb.2004

'Food clinic' teaches children how to eat healthily, i "BBC", 28.feb.2004

Jhamling assures tourists Nepal is safe for travel, i "KeralaNext", 28.feb.2004

Cardiac disease major problem in South Asia, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 28.feb.2004

Nepali cannabis becoming hot property in int'l market, i "Kantipur online", 28.feb.2004

Elections possible around November, says PM, i "Yahoo/India", 27.feb.2004

Round up on Nepal: Defying the Maoists, i "MountEverest.net", 27.feb.2004

Maoists abduct 65 students in Rukum, i "New Kerala", 27.feb.2004

Rizal will annouce hunger strike at appriate time, i "New Kerala", 27.feb.2004

Safe abortion law, mothers may not die needlessly, i "Nepali Times", 27.feb.2004

Rebels plan to train 50,000 child soldiers, i "OneWorld, South Asia", 27.feb.2004

Maoists call off strike following unprecedent defiance,, i "BBC", 27.feb.2004

Gas stations win right to sell adulterated petrol, i "Nepali Times", 27.feb.2004

Prime Minister says polls by mid-October, i "NepalNews.com", 27.feb.2004

RNA admits mistake in Jugedi shooting, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 27.feb.2004

Rizal to stage hunger strike for attention on refugees, i "The Himalayan Times", 27.feb.2004

Hidden treasure in Bodo village, i "The Statesman", 27.feb.2004

India wary of plastic goods from Nepal, Bhutan, i "Business-Standard.com", 27.feb.2004

Indian journalist gets seven years in Nepal jail, i "NewIndPress.com", 26.feb.2004

Four French tourists injured in Nepal blast, i "The Hindu", 26.feb.2004

Nepal exchequers bleed after first day of strike, i "New Kerala", 26.feb.2004

Army accused of killing two teenaged girls, i "New Kerala", 26.feb.2004

As toll rises, Nepal doles out free AIDS drugs, i "OneWorld", 26.feb.2004

Two wounded in bomb attack in Kathmandu, i "Reuters", 26.feb.2004

Army accused of killing two teenaged girls, i "Yahoo/India", 26.feb.2004

UK accused of selling weapons to rights abusers, i "Reuters", 25.feb.2004

French family survives bomb attack in Jhallari, i "Thegraph (India)", 25.feb.2004

Bomb blasts mark start of student union strike, i "ABC.net (AU)", 26.feb.2004

Hybrid technologies emerge winners in, i "OneWorld, South Asia", 25.feb.2004

Nepal strike evokes partial response, i "The Hindu", 25.feb.2004

Britian creating "dangerous loophole" with arms, i "The Guardian (UK)", 24.feb.2004

Nepal bandh cripples life countrywide, i "The Himalayan Times", 25.feb.2004

Indian FC reiterates economic support to Nepal, i "Kantipur online", 25.feb.2004

Private airlines call off strike, i "Yahoo/India", 24.feb.2004

Parasi life affected by mad dog menace, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 24.feb.2004

Madav Nepal pleads Norway for to restore peace, i "The Himalayan Times", 24.feb.2004

Activists, donors called for schools to be peace zones, i "BBC", 24.feb.2004

Maoists abduct 46 teachers in Kailali, i "IribNews.com", 24.feb.2004

Indian Foreign Secy meets King Gyanendra, i "Hindustan Times", 24.feb.2004

Delhi gets ready to board bus to Kathmandu, i "Telegraph (India)", 23.feb.2004

Travellers stranded as private airline suspend services, i "ABC.net (AU)", 24.feb.2004

Nepal, India sign on free flow of passenger vehicles, i "Hindustan Times", 23.feb.2004

400 rebels to surrender, government extends amnesty, i "OneWorld, South Asia", 23.feb.2004

Nepal, India sign road link pact, i "The Hindu", 23.feb.2004

ICG concered over raising village militias in Nepal, i "Reuters", 23.feb.2004

India, Nepal to start direct bus services, i "KeralaNext", 23.feb.2004

Private airlines in Nepal strike over bus row, i "Times of India", 23.feb.2004

Security forces kill journalist, army holding 20 more, i "Categorynet.com", 23.feb.2004

Nepal, India to take up Bhutanese refugee issue, i "Kantipur online", 23.feb.2004

The king has it and parties should rally around, i "The Statesman", 23.feb.2004

General elections likely in Oct: PM, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 22.feb.2004

Maoists to raise 50,000 child militia by April-May, i "The Himalayan Times", 22.feb.2004

King trying to disturb religious harmony: Koirala, i "Kantipur online", 22.feb.2004

Five security men, seven Maoists killed, i "The Hindu", 22.feb.2004

Indian foreign secretary in Nepal for 4-day visit, i "Hindustan Times", 22.feb.2004

Three killed in Dang mine explosion, i "LasVegasSun.com (USA)", 22.feb.2004

Christian missionaries see positive changes in Nepal, i "MinotDailyNews.com", 22.feb.2004

King, Queen back to the capital after country tour, i "Kantipur online", 21.feb.2004

Errors will benefit Maoists, Koirala cautions activists, i "The Himalayan Times", 21.feb.2004

Govt to rekindle process on Bhutanese repatriation, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 21.feb.2004

Indian Foreign Secretary Shashank in Nepal, i "The Hindu", 21.feb.2004

Seven SAARC states discuss cyber crime, i "Daily Times (Pakistan)", 21.feb.2004

Nepal, India to discuss more teeth to extradition treaty, i "Yahoo/India", 21.feb.2004

Nepal, India to discuss scope of extradition treaty, i "Hindustan Times", 21.feb.2004

10 suspected Maoists killed, 10 others surrender, i "Hindustan Times", 21.feb.2004

Over 4 mil children below 5 to be immunised, i "news24.com", 21.feb.2004

3 soldiers die, a dozen injured in the latest clashes, i "BBC", 21.feb.2004

Security forces kill journalist, army is holding at least 20 more, i "CNW.ca (Canada)", 20.feb.2004

Indian Foreign Secretary Shashank in Nepal, i "The Hindu", 20.feb.2004

5,000 activists stage anti-king demonstration, i "Yahoo/India", 20.feb.2004

Maoists abduct 300 school students in Rolpa, i "Hindustan Times", 20.feb.2004

Activists demand ban on Nepal monkey exports, i "ANC.org", 20.feb.2004

Elephant kills three in Arjundhara of Jhapa, i "Irish Examiner", 20.feb.2004

Uncertainty about five-day Nepal strike, i "Yahoo/India", 20.feb.2004

Maoists forcibly recruit 13 dalit girls, i "Hindustan Times", 20.feb.2004

PM appeals to parties, civil society for poll, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 20.feb.2004

Kathmandu braces for a springtime of unrest, i "Nepali Times", 20.feb.2004

Nepal Democray: Drifting towards failed state, i "The Statesman", 20.feb.2004

Elephants trample 3 to death in Jhapa, i "Japan Today", 20.feb.2004

Pro-people governance seriously obstructed: King, i "NepalNews.com", 19.feb.2004

Army's show of strength attracts thousands, i "The Himalayan Times", 19.feb.2004

Kathmandu Post enters tweleve years of publication, i "Kantipur online", 19.feb.2004

Democracy can only function with peace: King, i "Yahoo, India", 19.feb.2004

High religion for Shiva devotees in Kathamndu, i "BBC", 18.feb.2004

Petrol dealers call off national strike, i "Xinhua", 19.feb.2004

Duty-free export of garments to US likely to be rejected, i "Just-Style.com", 19.feb.2004

King says peace needed for democracy to work, i "BBC", 19.feb.2004

65 dead in Kalikot fighting, i "The Australian", 18.feb.2004

Tibetans Driven Out Of China By Lack Of Schooling, i "RFAweb.org", 18.feb.2004

Blast damages Roayal Nepal Airline office, i "HiPakistan.com", 18.feb.2004

3 children killed in blast in western Nepal, i "Japan Today", 18.feb.2004

Kathmandu Declaration on disabled passed, i "Kantipur online", 18.feb.2004

Nepal Criticized for Distributing Weapons to Villagers, i "Voice of America", 18.feb.2004

Harnessing of hydroelectric potentialities underscored, i "Bangladesh-web.com", 18.feb.2004

Thapa says country facing challenges of Human Rights, i "The Hindu", 17.feb.2004

Nepal faces suspension from Olympic family, i "KeralaNext", 17.feb.2004

Maoist bomb buses, shoot dead politician, i "News.com (AU)", 17.feb.2004

Disco: The Nepalese way, i "TravelVideo.tv", 17.feb.2004

35 Maoists killed, NC leader shot dead, i "Manoramaonline.com", 17.feb.2004

Rebel strike shuts capital city Kathmandu, i "BBC", 17.feb.2004

Former NC MP gunned down on Nepal strike day, i "Yahoo, India", 17.feb.2004

Terrorism taking toll on development fund: PM, i "The Himalayan Times", 17.feb.2004

Fierce battle in Kalikot, i "Kantipur online", 17.feb.2004

48 Maoist rebels killed in army attacks, i "ArabTimesOnline.com", 16.feb.2004

Amnesty for inquiry into extra-judicial killings, i "Amnesty International", 16.feb.2004

EC donates two mil euros for Bhutanese refugees, i "EUbusiness.com", 16.feb.2004

48 Maoists killed in army attacks, says Radio Nepal, i "Hindustan Times", 16.feb.2004

Maoists kill 3, kidnap 400 women in wake of bandh, i "The Statesman", 16.feb.2004

Move on to ban foreign investment in media: Govt, i "Kantipur online", 16.feb.2004

Trafficking victims seek security, i "The Himalayan Times", 16.feb.2004

King, Queen felicitated in Surkhet, i "NepalNews.com", 16.feb.2004

The trials of China's Tibetans, i "International Herald Tribune", 16.feb.2004

50 Nepali hunters attack Forest Range in UP of India, i "The Hindu", 16.feb.2004

48 Maoist rebels killed in army attacks, i "ArabTimesOnline.com", 16.feb.2004

Maoists kills six, abduct 700, i "HiPakistan.com", 15.feb.2004

Maoist Victims' Association chief shot in Kathmandu, i "BBC", 15.feb.2004

Govt expects 4% GDP growth, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 15.feb.2004

At least 15 Maoists killed in action; two surrender, i "Gorkhapatra.org.np", 15.feb.2004

Parties vow to stymie king's ‘panchayati' designs, i "Kantipur online", 15.feb.2004

All broadsheets' funding legal, says Thapa, i "The Himalayan Times", 15.feb.2004

Bhutan digs heels on refugee recalcitrance, i "The Himalayan Times", 15.feb.2004

First male herbal contraceptive ready for launch, i "The Hindu", 15.feb.2004

Clash of unequals: Nepal to clash with England, - i cricket altså! - i "The Daily Star (Bangladesh)", 15. feb.2004.

Nepal marks 8th anniversary of Maoist rebellion, - og indtil dato har mindst 8.700 mistet livet i konflikten og et ukendt antal er blevet såret, mange er forsvundet i såvel maoisternes som sikkerhedsstyrkerne og politiets varetægt. De økonomiske konsekvenser er uoverskuelige. Tusinder er flygtet fra deres hjem, og er stort set glemt af massemedierne og af hovedparten af Nepals politikere. - i "Voice of America", 14. feb.2004.

King seen coveting total power, WashingtonTimes, - Kong Gyanendra's aktive forsøg på at påvirke konflikten henimod en løsning, har tilsyneladende bevirket at konge-magten nu er blevet en fælles modsætning for såvel den etablerede politiske parti-struktur som maoisterne, - og så er der måske muligheder for en løsning?, - i "Washington Times", 14. feb.2004.

Maoists eye victory in fight to install republic, - Maoisterne fortolker kritikken mod kongen som støtte til deres kamp, - i "The Daily Star (Bangladesh)", 14. feb.2004.

Parties rule out any talks with king, - kongen er altså ikke helt opgivet af de politiske partier, selvom det er ved at se sådan ud, - i "Kantipur online", 14. feb.2004.

UN wants Government and Maoists to sign rights accord, - selvom Himalayan Times er blandt de mest objektive og kritiske dagblade, så er det svært at vurdere forholdene objektivt og komme med klare signaler. Derfor er det en "gave" til journalisterne, når eksempelvis FN anmoder parterne om at overholde menneskerettighederne, det er tydeligvis en form for tabu-emne, som det er acceptabelt at tale varsomt om, men det accepteres stiltiende, at der ikke gøres noget ved det, - i "The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)", 14. feb.2004.

Maoist leader Mahara insists on republic, - maoisterne står fast, - i "BBC News", 13. feb.2004.

Garment export to US dips, - også eksport-industrien mærker krisen krasse, og den internationale konkurrence inden for tekstil industrien er stor, så det er svært at vinde tabte markedsandele tilbage, - i "NewKerala.com News", 12. feb.2004.

14 dead as suspected Maoists blast a passenger bus, i "News.Com.au (Australien)", 13. jan 2004.

ICG's Norris says 'Don't back a dirty war in Nepal', i "The Observer", London, 12. feb.2004.

18 user groups to manage rural electricity supply, i "The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)", 12. feb.2004.

Maoists force over 700 to attend anniversary fete, - 8-årsdagen for "People's War" fejres, og lokalbefolkningen "anmodes" om at deltage, - i "DeepikaGlobal.com", 12. feb.2004.

Government extends surrender deadline for Maoists, - fristen til maoisterne for at overgive at overgive sig (og få penge for at overlevere evt. våben) forlænges som led i den igangværende kongelige "charmeoffensiv", - i "NepalNews.com online", 12. feb.2004.

Survivors of trafficking fail to reintegrate into society, - kvinder, der vender tilbage fra deres tvungne ophold i indiske bordeller, har svære psykiske problemer, og har svært ved at blive integreret ved deres hjemkomst, - i "Kantipur online", 12. feb.2004.

Maoist rebel strike shuts down capital, fra "Reuters i Alertnet.org", 12. feb.2004.

50 Nepalese students given Indian scholarships, i "Hindustan Times", 12. feb.2004.

The happy people, that are the Tibetans, i "Phayul.com (exil-Tibet)", 12. feb.2004.

Nepal in midst of long, bitter political stalemate, i "BBC News", 12. feb.2004.

Six killed in bus attack in Kabhre, i "TheAustralian", 12.feb. 2004. General strike shuts down capital, surrounding areas, i "Khaleej Times online (Dubai)", 12. feb.2004.

Inter-caste marriage proves provocative, - love-marriage er stadig svært, ikke mindst, hvis kasteskelleme overskrides, - i "Kantipur online", 11. feb.2004.

Boom and bust in Iraq, Gurkhas on Guard, - selvom man ikke kan sikre ro og stabilitet hjemme, kan man godt tage til Irak, for at prøve der, - fra "Aljazeera" (Qatar), 11.feb.2004. Why Bhutan moved against Indian militants, - en indisk forklaring på de voldsomme episoder, - i "The Statesman (Calcutta/Kolkata)", 11. feb.2004.

King, Queen in Jumla, Humla, Mugu, Rara, - kongen fortsætter op i de vestlige bjergområder, - i "NepalNews.com online", 11. feb.2004.

Maoists condemn leader's extradition from India, - inderne er begyndt at reagere på kritikken af at de tillader maoisternes ophold i Indien, og det er maoisterne selvfølgelig utilfredse med, - i "NewKerala.com News", 11. feb.2004.

India to sell 2 AL choppers to Nepal, - der er næppe tvivl om, hvad Nepal skal bruge et par helikoptere til, - i "IndiaExpress.com", 10. feb.2004.

Tharus struggle to survive war and neglect, - Tharuerne er fattige, mange har været gældsslaver, de er blevet dårligt behandlet siden lavlandet er blevet malariafrit, og nu er de ofte for maoisternes pression, og de får kun ringe hjælp, - i "NepalTimes online", 10. feb.2004.

15.000 children displaced by insurgency, i "NewKerala.com News", 10. feb.2004.

India nabs Maoist leaders Yadav and Magar, - det er blevet sværere for maoisterne at opholde sig i Indien, - i "JapanToday", 10. feb.2004.

Young teacher missing since Feb 4, Amnesty concerned, i "Amnesty International", 9. feb.2004.

India hands over Lucknow Maoists to Nepal, i "The Statesman (Calcutta/Kolkata)", 10. feb.2004.

India hands over two Maoist leaders to Nepal, i "The Hindu (India)", 10. feb.2004.

2 explosions rock near Kathmandu municipal building, i "JapanToday", 10. feb.2004.

Eleven killed Monday in ongoing insurgency, i "The Australian", 10.feb.2004. India eyes Nepali waters as its power demands mount, - muligheder for øget el-eksport fra Nepal til Indien, - i "The Statesman (Calcutta/Kolkata)", 10. feb.2004.

Party leaders smell rat in royal speech, - det er klart, at når kongen opererer politisk, så skal de politiske ledere reagere, - i "Kantipur online", 9. feb.2004.

Human Rights Watch concerned over discrimination against Dalits, de "kasteløses" forhold er kun blevet marginalt forbedret, og diskriminationen mod dem fortsætter, - fra "Human Rights Watch", 9. feb.2004.

King dismisses challenges to monarchy, i "NewKerala.com News", 8. feb.2004.

100.000 gather to hear king urge end to terror, i "The Age" (Australien), 9.feb.2004. King appeals for end to Maoist insurgency, i "ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)", 9. feb.2004.

King appeals from Maoist hotbed for peace, - det bliver interessant, om kongens appel til maoisterne om fred kan føre frem mod nye forhandlinger, - fra "AFP i Yahoo News", 8. feb.2004.

6 Asian nations agree to Free Trade Zone, fra Reuters 8.fe.2004. Days of mum monarchy over: King, Kong Gyanendra er i færd med at manifestere sig. Det forekommer som om det er efter aftale med visse udenlandske rådgivere, som han har haft konsultationer med i den senere tid (og som formentlig også har informeret de politiske ledere herom, hvorfor deres reaktioner er lidt "små-bjæffen") - i "The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)", 8. feb.2004.

King's civic reception amid protests, i "Kantipur online", 8. feb.2004.

King for access of products to India and China, i "Economic Times" (Indien), 8.feb.2004. King urges end to terror, 100.000 attend reception, indimellem forsøger Kong Gyanendra at bryde kongehusets "isolation" i forhold til lokalsamfundet. Men ingenting er nemt i Nepal, for selvom den eksisterende politiske magtstruktur ikke har vist sig i stand til at løse de eksisterende problemer, bliver stort set ethvert kongeligt initiativ anskuet som "uønsket indblanding", og en offentlig kongelig fremtræden vil uvægerligt blive betragtet som sådant, - i "The Australien", 8.feb.2004. Explosion near king's reception venue in Nepalgunj, - en enkelt advarende bombe var formentlig også frygtet og forventet, heldigvis uden større effekt, - i "The Hindu (India)", 7. feb.2004.

International mountain museum opens in Pokhara, 7.feb.2004. - et ideelt sted til et sådant museum. 21 Maoist rebels reported killed in Makawanpur, i "ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)", 6. feb.2004.

King defies Maoist threats to go to Nepalganj, - og kongen tager afsted selvom maoisterne advarer kongen, - i "Nepali Times online", 6. feb.2004.

Nineteen rebels killed in Dhiman clash, fra Reuters/UK, 06feb.2004. Maoists bring shift in power to country, i "International Herald Tribune" (USA), 5. feb.2004.

King in Maoist-dominated south to assess security, - Kong Gyanendra viger ikke tilbage for at vise sig i områder, hvor maoisterne har indflydelse, i dette tilfælde det vestlige lavland. Formentlig har det en større indflydelse på moralen her, end nok så mange politiske deklarationer, - og måske er det dette forhold politikerne frygter, - fra "AFP i Yahoo News", 5. feb.2004.

40 percent increase in tourist arrivals in January by air, - en positivt udvikling, men tallet er fortsat maget lavt, og usikkerheden dominerer fortsat, - i "EverestNews.com", 5. feb.2004.

Druk Air to increase flights to Kathmandu, - flere flyforbindelser mellem Bhutan og Nepal, - i "Kuensel (Bhutan)", 5. feb.2004.

Rebellion shifts power balance in rural Nepal, - vurderingen er her, at maoisternes massive tilstedeværelse, i vid udstrækning har elimineret den officielle statsmagts indflydelse i store dele af landet, - i "The New York Times", 5. feb.2004.

Ex-MP killed by suspected Maoists in Siraha, i "channelnewsasia.com (MediaCorp, Singapore)", 4. feb.2004.

Nepal, India to deepen border surveillance, i "The Hindu (India)", 4. feb.2004.

Water woes give Kathmanduites sleepless nights, i "ipsnews.net" 4.feb.2004. Nepal, 62 others eligible for US development aid, - Nepal er fortsat blandt USA's 62 programsamarbejdslande som får udviklingsbistand, fra "AFP i Yahoo News", 3. feb.2004.

Online conflict-prevention symposium ends, fra Japan Times 4. feb.2004 Troops kill 16 Maoists in Dolakha, Myagdi, Tehrathum, i "The Hindu (India)", 2. feb 2004.

Strike brings Kathmandu to a grinding halt, - de politiske partier havde succes med deres bandh (strejke), i "The Times of Tibet (exil-Tibet)", 2. feb 2004.

Dozens hurt in clashes with police, i "BBC News", 2. feb 2004.

Cold wave claims 18 lives in western Nepal, - vinteren er hård og koldere end sædvanligt, i "XINHUA online (Beijing)", 1. feb 2004.

Maoists kidnap 192 students, teachers, - kidnapning af børn og unge fra skolerne er blevet stadig mere anvendt. De løslades som regel efter få dage, men det øger frygten blandt lokalbefolkningen - i "Hindustan Times", 1. feb 2004.

Nepal, India agree to boost bilateral trade, i "Yahoo-India News", 1. feb 2004.

India seeking Nepali territory for business with China, - Indien ønsker at øge samhandelen med Kina og Tibet og ønsker i den anledning bedre transitforhold gennem Nepal (her er måske en mulighed for Nepal til at forbedre transitforholdene gennem Indien), i "The Navhind Times (Goa, India)", 1. feb 2004.

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